The solution

A brand new solution for unexpected expenses


To recap, in 2016 we set out to make unexpected expenses less stressful and less risky for the 40% of the UK population that has under £100 in savings. We wanted to give them a backup plan that protects them from more expensive ways of borrowing.

To do this, we turned borrowing on its head to make it work for the borrower and, not just the lender. We’re removing interest, making it easier to repay, and giving people the chance to apply for credit before they need it so its ready for when they do.

We reckon the end result is one of the simplest financial products on the market. Our goal is to also make it one of the safest.



The best bits about Creditspring


Having on-demand access to credit can help people in lots of ways. By arranging the credit before a problem happens, it makes paying for an unexpected expense less stressful and reduces the risk of making a bad decision at the worst possible time.

This makes things simple and predictable, so our members can stay in control when stuff goes wrong and not get knocked off track.

No more scrambling around trying to figure out how you will pay for an unexpected expense. No more making bad credit decisions due to stress and being stuck with high-interest payments for months or years. No more sleepless nights worrying about the what-ifs. No more underperforming at work or missing out at home because your mind is elsewhere.

Press a couple of buttons when something goes wrong and your advance is on its way.

With a backup plan in place, you can relax and focus on the important things in life.



When we asked people what other benefits they would get from Creditspring, this is what they said:


  • Independence
  • Peace of mind
  • Control
  • Security
  • It helps you save
  • Reduced uncertainty
  • Less sacrifices
  • Help you stay out of debt
  • Less frustration over not having savings
  • Feels good to be respected




Let’s slay the unexpected expense monster together


We are beyond excited to try this new solution to make unexpected expenses a problem of the past. Like we said earlier, we don’t think a broken washing machine should be a life-changing event, and we don’t think lenders should make so much money off of people who need credit in a hurry.

We built this new product with people like you. We asked what the problem was, and what they thought a good solution looked like. The end result is what you see.

Think we’ve missed something? Got an idea for us? Have a question? Want to say hi? Get in touch. The more we can talk to you about what we’re building, the better it’s going to be for everybody. Reinventing credit isn’t easy, and we need your help.





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